Getting an ESN card opens up a new line of possibilities to even further enjoy your experiences in Stockholm, and for that matter, Europe.

In order to get an ESN-card, you will need an identity card, a photo of yourself (passport photo or any other, color, black and white etc.) and 70 SEK (the price varies throughout different sections, but can be up to 150 SEK. Currently the sale-price for ESN SU is 70 SEK per year). Bring them to the ESN SU cardsale, where you can fill in your information and register for your card!

The cards are being sold locally by your ESN-organisation, so if you are studying at Stockholm University, you need to go to the ESN SU card sale.

We sell the card to the following:

Students from

We however do not sell the card to local (non-exchange) students nor people going on exchange.

Time and place is communicated by our facebook website, which you can find here!