We at ESN SU wish to welcome you to Stockholm! We hope you are going to enjoy your stay, and if there is anything you would like to know, we are here for you! On this website we have information about us at the ESN, our partners, Stockholm University, transport, nightlife and other things. Here are also some useful tips before entering the Stockholm Experience:

  • In Sweden 99% of the population speaks English (the exception being children under 7 and adults over 100)
  • There might be snow between November and March
  • Eating out can be expensive, but still worth trying
  • Wi-Fi is available in almost every bar and restaurant, but sometimes you might have to ask for a password
  • Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, including taxis and small shops

Besides these tips, you can find information about the following:

There are lots of other things to know, but we hope you will learn them when you need it, and that you will enjoy your stay, have a good time!

/The team at ESN Stockholm University