Housing is a common issue in Stockholm, there are thousands of students looking for it every semester. In August 2011, approximately 70000 people were without a proper place to live.

Now, the situation is better, but it is still hard. For students studying at Stockholm University and KTH most people get student apartments at Lappis at Stockholm University campus. If no places are available, we have listed below the most common places to find apartments, as well as some places if it doesn't work out:

  • SSSB (Stockholm Student Housing) - The most common place to find student housing in Stockholm, you might need "queuing days" in order to apply for an apartment, which you can start collecting 3 months before you become a student in Stockholm. Apartments are good and relatively cheap, but might be hard to get.
  • Blocket (only available in Swedish) - An online retailer for renting (and buying) apartments in Stockholm. A good place to look, but it might still be hard.
  • Bostadsförmedlingen - General housing website in Stockholm. Normally a long queue, but worth a try.
  • Akademisk Kvart - A website working with Stockholm Student Unions in order to find privately owned residents in Stockholm.
  • Campus Roslagen - A student area slightly outside Stockholm, where you will probably be an hour away from the University, most of the shops and most of your friends, but in a good quality apartment close to the Swedish archipelago.

If you still can't find anything, feel free to join our group ESN Erasmus Stockholm 2017-2018, or send us a message on our facebook page!