It is time to do a Social Erasmus event! Social Erasmus is a concept where by organizing an ESN event we somehow contribute to the society. So here is what we have planned for our Social Erasmus event this semester:

We will spend a day at the archipelago in Österskär, which is a cozy small village by the beach. There we will play sports and games and have a picnic with BBQ. There is also a café where they sell for example ice cream, and there is even a possibility to go swimming! We can also end the day with a bonfire on the beach :)

Now what makes this a Social Erasmus event? ESN is going to provide all the food and games for the day, and every student who participates can donate money for the activity. All this money will then be donated to the Red Cross to help refugees. A suitable donation per student will be 20-50 kr so the activity will not be expensive for you!

We will take the train called Roslagsbanan to Österskär together, the meeting point is at Östra Station (near Tekniska Högskolan metro station) and we will meet up 12.00. If anyone wants to arrive later, the trains go every half an hour so it won't be a problem. The train does not cost anything as long you have your SL card with the student ticket, and the trip takes about 40 min.

So let's all have a fun day together with food, drinks, games and meeting new people while raising money for a good cause :)

02/10/2016 - 12:00 to 18:00
Österskär, Comté de Stockholm, Suède