Do you live at Lappis and have some things to recycle your things before leaving Stockholm; clothes, books, decorations? Well, we will help you with that together with the company Myrorna!

Sustainablity and the environment are very important to us ESN and we hope they are important to you as well! This is why on Thursday the 14th of December between 11.30-12.30 you are welcome to leave your stuff to us in front of the ICA on the main square! We will be working with a company called Myrorna who will then sell the things you give away as second hand.

Before you however leave your things to us, we do have some rules we would like for you to read through:
- Textiles need to be put in plastic bags and need to be in a good condition, not dirty and not broken (if broken and dirty, you can leave it in a store)
- Leave books in paper bags or boxes (not in a plastic bag and not with other things)
- Electrical equipment can be left to us as well
- Do not leave furniture, since Myrorna evaluate the shape and might not be interested in selling it forward and then you need to take it back to your room.
WHAT: Recycling event for students living in Lappis
WHEN: 14/12 11.30-12.30
WHERE: Lappis Main Square (In front of Ica)

14/12/2017 - 11:30 to 13:30
Stora Lappkärrsberget
professorsslingan 35