Imagine all lights are turned off..

Invisible exhibition is a different and unique exhibition where you interact with your surroundings through other senses than your vision. Have you ever heard a speaking scale or a speaking clock? A printer printing in braille?

ESN SU invites you to the Invisible Exhibition, where you will try to experience how a blind/visually impaired person experiences the world through their sense of smell, perception of touch, and hearing.

WHEN? Friday 3rd of November
You choose a time 17.45 or 18.15.
The tour will last for one hour and you need to be there 15 min in advance.

COST? 95 SEK with your ESNcard (150 SEK without one).You can buy your ticket during our card sales. You sign up for this event when you buy your ticket.

For more information about Invisible exhibition, please visit their website:

This is an ExchangeAbility event which focuses on raising awareness of our different premises. For more information about this international project, please visit:

03/11/2017 - 17:30 to 19:30
Tullvaktsvägen 2, SE-115 56 Stockholm, Sverige